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a global threat, against all authority, anarcho-punk, ann arbor, anti-facist, anti-flag, anti-racist action, anti-sexist, assuck, aus-rotten, bad religion, bambix, bikini kill, black flag, blanks 77, bourgeois filth, choking victim, clutch cargoes, conflict, crass, crust punk, d-town, dead heroes, dead kennedys, dead milkmen, defiance, descendents, destroy, detroit, devotchkas, dropkick murphys, drunks, dying scene, empire state games, f minus, fear, feast or famine, few and far between, filth, flint, gutter punx, harpos, hoppin mad, icons of filth, jumbos, kid brother collective, lower class brats, lunachicks, malpractice, mc5, michigan, michigan punks unite, michigan sucks, minor threat, mohawks, mohawks in motown, movies, muggs hideout, music, mustard plug, oi!, oi! scouts, operation ivy, oxymoron, pennywise, pogo punk, propdown, pt*s revenge, pub life, punk, rancid, reagan squad, reagan youth, riot squad, rudimentary peni, saginaw, shows, small brown bike, social distortion, social scare, spikes, spirit of 77 punk, st. andrews hall, streetpunk, teen idles, telegraph, the 99's, the adicts, the business, the casualties, the circle jerks, the clash, the exploited, the ghouls, the gutterpunx, the krays, the ninety nines, the old miami, the parka kings, the pinkerton thugs, the pist, the pixies, the plasmatics, the ramones, the ratfinks, the relix, the sex pistols, the shelter, the skeptix, the skolars, the stooges, the suicide machines, the unseen, the varukers, the virus, tilt, toxic narcotic, uk82, up the punx, vice squad, ypsilanti