melissA (huellas316) wrote in mi_punks_unite,

against me! tickets??

hey y'all ~

this may be a loonnggg shot in the dark, but i'm slightly desperate. my ex-girlfriend and i were going to go see against me! at the blind pig on thursday; i was (apparently falsely) under the impression that i could just wander down there on thursday morning after i get to town and pick up some tickets. they are SOLD OUT! terrible!!

i won't regale you people with relationship stories, but... let's just say it would mean a LOT to the two of us if we were able to go; we fell in love several years ago, at an against me show in asheville, nc (aww punk rock love? kind of, but much more to the story!)

anyone who could possibly help us out, please respond... i'm willing to pay $20-25/ticket. k thanks, y'all!
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